Why a Freelance Investment Writer is a Value Investment

You’re in a quandary. Your clients crave information, especially when investment markets are volatile. You want to reassure them, hold their hand through the difficult times and see them safely through to the other side, when markets return to some normality. And so you answer every call, every email. That’s not so bad at the beginning, but you know what they say… “Give a mouse a cookie and he’ll want a glass of milk.”

Before you know it, the majority of your day is spent answering the same queries and questions over and over instead of generating revenue.

You take a strategic decision to provide clients with a monthly newsletter. It’s going to stop all those phone calls and emails, and provide a focal point for you to initiate discussions with clients. Your productivity is going to rise, and you’ll get your time back. You sit down and figure out a content structure, and you get writing. It’s now that you realise just how much time you need to commit every month to providing up-to-date and valuable content. All those benefits are rapidly disappearing. And still you’re plagued with those unwanted and time consuming questions.

What you need is a freelance investment writer.

What will a freelance investment writer bring to the table?

Using a freelance investment writer will free your time and transform your productivity. You’ll be able to work with him or her to produce a content calendar that will help engage your clients on your terms. This will direct the conversations you and your clients need to be having:

  • A monthly newsletter will answer all those questions and keep your clients informed about what is going on in the markets
  • Adding regular blog content will provide the opportunity to keep visitors to your site updated with real-time information
  • A giveaway eBook will provide real value to those that download, and give you a list of warm contacts
  • Facebook and Twitter comments will help drive traffic to your website, providing a new army of visitors to convert to clients

Why you need to provide investment content to your clients

If you’ve ever wondered why clients leave, the answer lies in your online and other content. A survey conducted by J.D.Power and Associates found that the usual suspects of costs, fees, and performance are way down the list of key factors that cause clients of financial advisers to move elsewhere.

The number one factor that makes a client leave their current adviser is the lack of education and information provided to the client. Along with the next highest scoring factor of customer satisfaction – customer service – a lack of communication with clients represents almost 75% of the decision making process in either leaving or staying with an adviser.

Provide information, education, and good customer service, and you’ll move several steps ahead of the competition.

Look for experience to get the best results

To get the best return on your investment, hire a freelance investment writer with specific experience. This experience should cover a number of specifics:

  • He or she has real life experience in the investment markets

This will ensure that complex ideas, products, and issues are understood by the writer. There is no substitute for specific product and market experience.

  • The ability to communicate with different audiences

Whatever your audience and client base or target client base, the writer you select should be able to demonstrate that he or she can write for them. If you’re targeting CEOs or other investment professionals, your content will need to be in a different language to that written for the person-in-the-street.

  • Experience of writing different types of content

Blogs are different to newsletters, and these are different again to eBooks, which are different to full length books. Look ahead to the possibility of needing to expand the content you provide, and hire a freelance investment writer who can cover all your needs now and in the future. Doing so will help your content to remain consistent and on message.

Hire the right freelance investment writer for your business, and you’ll discover that your business becomes more client focused. You’ll be able to concentrate on what you do best: servicing clients and growing your revenues. Your clients will be better informed as your content engages them and encourages them to return time after time. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to make content a central pillar of your business strategy.

Want to know more about how content can take your business to the next level? Click on the link below and request a free, no obligation content consultation.

(One final word of apology – sorry about the image on this post… it’s me in a lighthearted moment at Goldman Sachs a few moons ago.)

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