5 Things You Must do to Write the Perfect Investment Newsletter

Look at a financial advisor’s marketing today, and you’ll see that ‘new-age’ strategies like Facebook, Twitter, online videos, and blogging are increasingly used to communicate with clients. Put beside some of these, an investment newsletter can appear dated. However, when used in the right way and written well, an investment newsletter is an essential tool that integrates with new age marketing to produce an incredible ROI.

Why an investment newsletter?

An investment newsletter is an easy, cheap, and consistent way to stay in touch with clients. Some clients shy away from social media. Some companies restrict how they utilise social media. Facebook is making it more difficult for users to view non-paid business content posted by companies. (Click to tweet)

Most importantly, clients love newsletters. They are available all the time, can be printed out, and offer a constant and useful flow of information. If you’re not sure that your clients would want to receive a newsletter, ask them. Scope out potential content (subject areas), and ask the next ten clients you meet if they feel it would be beneficial for them to receive a regular newsletter. Eight out of ten or more will say, “Yes, Please!”

How to write an engaging investment newsletter

The more you engage with your audience, the better the returns on your investment. Engaging content is consistently good and will bring your client back for more. It adds value to the service you provide. Here are five things to do to make certain your newsletter resonates with your clients and prospective clients:

  1. Be specifically generalist!

Produce original content that is tailored to your audience. For example, near retirees and new parents will be interested in different content. If you’re sending your newsletters via an email service like Mailchimp, you’ll be able to segment for different target audiences. Write on more general topics rather than specific subjects – the oil price and its effect on the economy rather than single oil exploration companies, for example.

  1. Provide a variety of content

Increasingly, advisers are reporting that their clients enjoy reading about themes that build on their financial wellbeing – health, money management, and lifestyle issues. The backbone of the newsletter will be more traditional areas, of course that including market updates and other financial planning topics (income investing, alternatives, and property are common themes today), but you could also include links to downloadable resources, as well as a ‘meet the advisor’ section.

  1. Be consistent

Keep your content consistent – consistently good and consistently enjoyed. Make sure the tone and voice in which it is written is appropriate to your clients. Ensure that it is written to be consistent with other content your firm produces. And be consistent with when you send your newsletter: your clients should know what to expect and when to expect it.

  1. Choose the right format

The favourite format for newsletters today is the PDF sent by email (or downloaded from a website). Emailing is cheap and convenient, but remember there may be some clients that prefer to receive your newsletter by post – that will increase costs and time, but is often worth the extra expense to retain valuable clients.

  1. Remember that your newsletter should be part of your content marketing strategy

An investment newsletter is an essential part of an advisor’s marketing armory. It provides a way to consistently and constantly communicate to clients, educating them and engaging them in the conversations that you want to have.

Don’t think that an investment newsletter should stand on its own as a client capture and retention tool. Integrate a newsletter into an overall content plan – one that incudes blogs, eBooks, and social media – and you’ll multiply its ROI. By integrating with your overall content and marketing strategy, your investment newsletter will be a must-read publication that will produce all the benefits it promises.

In the penultimate part of this series on investment newsletters, I’ll look at how to market your investment newsletter and investment content.

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