7 secret strategies used by savvy small businesses to boost their blog ROI

How to boost business blog ROI

With a little imagination, your blog could put real thrust under your sales

It amazes me how small and medium-sized enterprises fail to maximise the potential of their business blog. If you think that writing a blog and posting it to your website is the most your efforts can produce, it’s time to rethink your blogging strategy. Your blog is the gift that should keep on giving, and help you to reach out to new audiences and nurture warm leads.

In this post, you’ll learn about seven key strategies that will help send your blog ROI into the stratosphere.

1.      Leverage local press

Have you noticed how local newspapers are packed with more adverts than ever, especially the free papers? There are two reasons for this. First, they sell their advertising space really well to businesses that want to sell in the local market. Second, they need the revenue to increase their profits.

But, here’s the thing – very few people would bother picking that local newspaper up if it didn’t have worthwhile articles. And, very few people actually look at the adverts unless they want to find a specific product or service.

Why not offer to write an article for your local newspaper? I can tell you now, most local newspapers are desperate for copy, especially of the free variety. It only takes a small amount of work to repurpose your blog as a newspaper article. And you’ll find that the returns will probably be better than those you get from your paid-for advert.

A few years ago, I started a writers group where I live. For six weeks running, we posted adverts at the cost of £50 per week, to try to get people to come along. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Then I offered a weekly article, free of charge (and repurposed from our blog). Within a month, those articles had tempted eight would-be writers to join our group.

If you’re a franchise, or company with more than one location, you can use the same article to support the marketing efforts in different areas. Incredible bang for your buck… or blog, should I say?

2.      Spread the word with a newsletter

If you publish several blog posts every month, then with a little extra effort you should be using these to publish a newsletter. Write an intro, add a feature article, and make sure you highlight your most popular blog post of the previous month.

It’s a great way to build your email list – create a landing page on your website, or make sure that your blog posts carry a call to action to sign up for your newsletter. Sign up to an email service such as MailChimp or Infusionsoft, and personalise and automate your newsletter emails.

Every newsletter is a direct sales opportunity. Marketing gold dust.

3.      Supercharge your social media

The connected world appears to be dominated by social media. Yet it can be difficult to know what to say. Not now that you are blogging. You’ll always have a message for followers. You’ll always have content to direct those followers to.

Instead of ad-hoc Twitter or Facebook posts, spend a few seconds each day to publish social media posts. Better still, use a service to tee them up and automate.

Your follower numbers will build over time as you increase your reach with a stream of social media posts. And each follower is another potential customer.

4.      Market to your list by email

Never be short of a marketing opportunity again. Let every contact on your email list know that you have published another great blogpost. Tell them in the email why they should read it, what they will learn, and encourage them to forward to their contacts.

Each blogpost you publish presents an opportunity to market direct to your growing contact list.

5.      Tell your clients about your blog in every meeting and at every opportunity

This is surely marketing standard at your company, isn’t it? If not, why not? Make sure that you send your blogposts internally to your staff, and ensure that they are coached to introduce your blog to your customers. You can use your blog to support your marketing efforts on new products and services. Use it in client meetings to reinforce your message.

Direct people to your blog in every advert you produce, on every email you send, and on each publication you produce. Why? Because your blog posts have those call to actions, and people will sign up to your newsletter, or download a newsletter, etc. And every contact email you collect is another opportunity to directly market to warm leads, with every blog post you write.

6.      Create eBooks

Amalgamate blog posts in key subject areas, and create eBooks that people want to read. There will be a little work to do to repurpose and produce an eBook (write an introduction and a closing, for example, as well as design for impact), but it’s a great way to collect those email addresses.

7.      Create your best business card from your blog

Have you ever considered writing a book? With those blog posts you have published, you could become a bestselling author. And get this: ‘Author of’ is possibly the very best introduction you can have. A book authored in your name immediately makes you an expert in your subject area.

Savvy business leaders look for the edge. By thinking a little differently, you’ll realise that your blog’s potential is not limited to increasing online traffic. With a little imagination and effort, the ROI of your blog could be doubled, trebled, quadrupled, and more.

To help boost your business blogging, email me today for your free copy of my eBook How to write engaging blog posts and grow your online audience”. I’ll reply personally and attach my eBook for you.

Because quality content matters,



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